Nissan Patrol
(1997 - 2016)

  • Excellent off-road ability
  • Parts and labour costs should be affordable
  • Certain engines can be mechanically reliable
  • Spacious cabin with good practicality
  • Restricted luggage area when 7 seats are in position
  • Certain engines can be mechanically nightmares
  • Lack of modern safety tech
  • Spartan equipment

Nissan’s Y61 (GU) Patrol may have a reputation for bulletproof mechanicals and immense capabilities off road, but with a base architecture that harks back to its Y60 (GQ) predecessor from the 1980s, and a production cycle that lasted nearly 20 years, some Patrols are better than others.

The GU evolved over its lifetime, going through ten series iterations, some receiving major mechanical and power plant updates, others cosmetic and trim changes (all the details are listed below) but there are key things to watch out for when it comes to the GU so before you make the Patrol commitment, read on.

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What goes wrong
  • Early (2000-2005) ZD30’s 3.0-litre turbo diesel can suffer from catastrophic engine failure due to oiling and cooling problems
  • Excessive oil use in the ZD30s
  • Piston failures on early ZD30s
  • Fuel pump and fuel system issues on early ZD30s
  • Manual gearbox can have problems with fifth gear spline and hub
  • All Patrol engines can have overheating issues
  • Look for underbody damage – the door sills and bumpers are usually the first to suffer
  • Look also for dings in the bash plates and be sure they haven’t been pushed onto the items they should be protecting
  • Check for leaking rear axle oil seals
  • Manual gearbox synchromesh can wear especially between 2nd and 3rd gear
  • Early models can have issues with spring mounts in the front suspension
  • Dashboards can blister and bubble
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Model range, pricing and features

DX, DX5 & DX Plus

  • Price when new: $39,950 - $57,190
  • Price used: $5,000 - $50,000

The base model Patrol (and its special editions), occasionally available in mining spec (be very cautious of these), offer minimal frills but a great basis to create an off-roading monster.

The 2005-model Patrol received a significant facelift with fresh body work and revised mechanicals. Many of the troubles that plagued early examples of the ZD30 diesel were also resolved by this update.

Standar features:

  • Vinyl floors
  • Cloth trim
  • Steel wheels
  • 2-speaker stereo
  • Radio cassette
  • Limited-slip diff
  • Power steering (from 1999)
  • Intermittent wipers (from 1999)
  • Wheel arch flares (from 1999)
  • Coil springs (from 1999)
  • Air conditioning (optional from 2002, standard from 2003)
  • CD Player (Series II, from 2003)
  • Free-wheeling hubs – manual locking (Series II, from 2003)
  • Drivers airbag (Series III, from 2004)
  • Passenger Airbag (Series IV, from 2006)
  • Central locking (Series III, from 2004)
  • Power door mirrors (Series III, from 2004)
  • ABS (Series III, optional from 2004 & standard from Series IV from 2004)
  • Wider steel wheels (Series III, optional from 2004)
  • Alloy wheels (Series III, optional from 2004)
  • USB and Aux input (Series VI, from 2010)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Series VI, from 2010)
  • Automatic brake differential (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Chrome-ringed instruments (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Electronic stability control (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Cruise control (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Leather steering wheel (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Multi-function steering wheel (Series VIII, from 2012)
  • Airbags – side for 1st row occupants (Series VIII, from 2013)


  • Price when new: $49,990 - $53,290
  • Price used: $18,000 - $38,000

The Walkabout added a comprehensive list of extra features for the DX, providing almost all the gear required for your next touring, fishing or camping trip.

Walkabout adds:

  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Six-disc in-dash CD player
  • Alloy side steps
  • Snorkel
  • Cargo barrier
  • Alloy bullbar
  • Tow bar
  • $2,000 worth of camping and outdoor equipment


  • Price when new: $43,990 - $60,390
  • Price used: $6,000 - $65,000

The middle child of the Patrol family and our pick for the sweet spot especially if you’re planning on adding accessories as the extras featured on the higher-spec Patrols are feeling very dated.

Available in many various special editions, find a 4.2 litre TD42Ti inter-cooled turbo diesel or post-2004 ZD30 common rail diesel within your budget and make sure it has a solid service history.

ST adds:

  • 4-speaker stereo
  • Carpeted cabin floor
  • Velour trim
  • Power antenna
  • Power windows
  • Power door mirrors
  • Side steps
  • Sports instruments
  • Central locking (remote and keyless Series II from 2001)
  • Cruise control (Series II from 2001)
  • Leather gear knob (Series II from 2001)
  • 16-inch alloy wheels (Series III from 2003)
  • Mud flaps (Series III from 2003)
  • 17-inch Alloy wheels (Series IV from 2004)
  • Sunvisor vanity mirror for passenger (Series IV from 2004)
  • Suede look interior inserts and seats (Series IV from 2004)
  • Seat back trays (Series IV from 2004)
  • Antenna in rear glass (Series VIII from 2012)
  • Drivers seat lumbar and height adjustable (Series VIII from 2012)


  • Price when new: $56,990 - $65,240
  • Price used: $10,000 - $38,000

Based on the ST but with a touch of extra luxury.

ST-L adds:

  • Bull bar
  • Leather upholstery
  • Multi-zone climate control


  • Price when new: $56,990 - $65,240
  • Price used: $10,000 - $38,000

Mechanically identical to the ST, the ST-S adds only a few extras.

ST-S adds:

  • Flock trim
  • ABS as standard
  • Floor mats
  • Seat back trays
  • Cruise control

ST N-Tec

  • Price when new: $55,990 - $60,790
  • Price used: $40,000 - $58,000

Created for tourers and adventurers, the N-Tec featured some appropriate accessories.

ST N-Tec adds:

  • Smoked bonnet protector
  • Steel bull bar
  • Tow bar kit
  • Soft spare wheel cover
  • All-weather floor mats front and rear
  • Satellite navigation
  • Reverse camera
  • Multi-function control screen
  • Diff locks
  • Lap sash seatbelts for all 7 seats
  • Fog lamps

ST N-Trek

  • Price when new: $57,390 - $60,390
  • Price used: $35,000 - $52,000

Designed for the more serious off-roaders, the N-Trek featured some handy 4×4 goodies.

ST N-trek adds:

  • Steel bull bar
  • Electric winch kit
  • Tow bar kit
  • Smoked bonnet protector
  • Driving lights
  • All-weather floor mats
  • N-Trek badging

ST Plus

  • Price when new: $50,990 - $62,090
  • Price used: $10,000 - $46,000

Available twice in the GU lifecycle, the ST Plus added quite a few extras.

ST Plus adds:

  • Custom ST plus carpet floor mats with black piping and white
  • stitching
  • Leather seat trim
  • Electric front seats
  • Satellite navigation
  • Reversing camera
  • Bull bar (2013)

ST Simpson 50th Anniversary

  • Price when new: $56,990
  • Price used: $30,000 - $40,000

Released to commemorate the off-road 4x4s record-setting feat, in which it became the first vehicle to successfully cross Australia’s Simpson Desert 50 years earlier.

ST Simpson 50th Anniversary adds:

  • Satellite navigation with Hema 4WD tracks preloaded
  • Reversing camera
  • New-look alloy bull bar
  • Driving lights, roof bars
  • Kick plates
  • Bonnet protector
  • Air guide
  • Stainless steel wheel cover
  • 41-litre Nissan-branded eski

ST Titanium

  • Price when new: $57,390 - $60,390
  • Price used: $35,000 - $50,000

Capped at just 300 units, the ST-based Titanium boosted the bush-bashing credentials for the iconic off-roader.

ST Titanium adds:

  • Steel bulbar
  • Alloy three-quarter roof rack
  • Snorkel
  • Electric winch
  • Driving lights
  • Smoked bonnet protector
  • Tow bar kit
  • Spare wheel cover
  • Moulded rubber floor mats
  • Satellite navigation
  • Reverse-view camera
  • Titanium edition key ring


  • Price when new: $64,790 - $77,990
  • Price used: $11,000 - $45,000

The flagship Y61/GU Patrol. While not luxurious when compared to some of its rivals, the Ti did its best to provide as many creature comforts as possible for the rugged off-roader.

Ti adds:

  • 6-speaker stereo
  • ABS (standard)
  • 2-zone climate control
  • Leather trim
  • Airbags (Series II for driver, passenger, side for 1st row)
  • Bull bar
  • Chrome exterior highlights (Series III from 2002)
  • Electric seats (Front row, Series III from 2002)
  • Woodgrain interior inserts (Series III from 2002)
  • 17-inch alloy wheels (Series IV from 2004)
  • Sunroof (Series IV from 2004)
  • Satellite navigation (Series IV from 2004)
  • Reversing camera (Series IV from 2004)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Series VII form 2010)
  • USB input (Series VII form 2010)
  • Aux input (Series VII form 2010)
  • Multi-function control screen (Series VIII from 2012)
  • Fog lamps (Series VIII from 2012)

Legend Edition

  • Price when new: $64,790 - $77,990
  • Price used: $11,000 - $45,000

Created to celebrate the conclusion of the GU/Y61 Patrol production, the Legend Edition was kitted out with an additional $10,000 of features.

Limited to just 300 units, the Legend Edition provided a fitting swan song for the iconic Patrol.

Legend Edition:

  • Steel bull bar
  • Electric winch
  • Snorkel
  • Roof racks
  • Tow bar
  • Soft cover for the spare wheel
  • ‘Limited Edition’ decals
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Reversing camera
Should you buy it?

Yes, but it’s a yes with conditions.

In terms of engine choices, if you want a solid workhorse of a Patrol that should hopefully go forever, stick with the 4.2-litre TD42Ti intercooled-turbo diesel. Or, find a Patrol with the lowest mileage with the most recently built, post-2004 ZD30 common-rail diesel within your budget would also be an excellent way to go.

Just avoid the earlier ZD30 models at all costs.

Check the body for signs of abuse, make sure it has a thorough service history and try to get a Patrol with some quality aftermarket accessories and you’ll have yourself one hell of a truck.

Warranty & servicing


3 years/100,000 kms


10,000kms or every 6 months

Tech specs

Body style:

  • 5-door SUV (ST, ST N-TREK, ST Titanium, ST-S, ST-L, DX, DX5, Ti, Legend Edition, Walkabout, Simpson 50th Anniversary, N-TEC)
  • 2-door cab chassis (ST, DX, ST Plus, DX Plus)


  • 2.8-litre 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST)
  • 3.0-litre 4-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, Legend Edition, N-TEC, ST, ST N-TREK, ST Titanium, Ti, Simpson 50th Anniversary, Walkabout)
  • 4.2-litre 6-cyl diesel (DX, DX Plus, DX5)
  • 4.2-litre 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST, ST Plus)
  • 4.5-litre 6-cyl petrol (ST, Ti)


  • 4-speed automatic, four-wheel drive (DX, ST, ST N-TREK, ST Titanium, ST Plus, N-TEC, Legend Edition, Simpson 50th Anniversary, Walkabout, Ti)
  • 5 speed manual, four-wheel drive (DX, DX Plus, DX5, ST, ST Plus, N-TEC, ST N-TREK, ST Titanium)


  • 118kW 3.0L 4-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST, ST Plus, N-TEC, N-TREK, ST Titanium, Legend Edition, Simpson 50th Anniversary, Walkabout, Ti)
  • 91kW 4.2L 6-cyl diesel (DX, DX Plus, DX5)
  • 91kW (114kW cab chassis) 4.2L 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, DX Plus, ST, ST Plus)
  • 95kW 2.8L 6-cyl turbo diesel (DX, ST)
  • 145kW 4.5L 6-cyl petrol (ST, Ti)


  • 354Nm 3.0L 4-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST, ST Plus, N-TEC, N-TREK, ST Titanium, Legend Edition, Simpson 50th Anniversary, Walk-about, Ti)
  • 272Nm 4.2L 6-cyl diesel (DX, DX Plus, DX5)
  • 330Nm 4.2L 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, DX Plus, ST, ST Plus)
  • 252Nm 2.8L 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST)
  • 350Nm 4.5L 6-cyl petrol (ST, Ti)

Fuel economy:

  • 10.9L – 11.8L/100km 3.0L 4-Cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST, ST Plus, N-TEC, N-TREK, ST Titanium, Legend Edition, Simpson 50th Anniversary, Walkabout, Ti)
  • 14L/100km 4.2L 6-cyl diesel (DX, DX Plus, DX5)
  • 14L/100km 4.2L 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, DX Plus, ST, ST Plus)
  • 10.6L/100km 2.8L 6-cyl turbo-diesel (DX, ST)
  • 16L/100km 4.5L 6-cyl petrol (ST, Ti)


  • 1855mm -1875mm (5-door SUV – depending on variant)
  • 1875mm -1895mm (2-door cab chassis- depending on variant)


  • 4885mm – 5060mm (Depending on variant)


  • 1930mm – 1940mm (Depending on variant)

Kerb weight:

  • 1990kg – 2578kg (Depending on variant)

Information correct as of May 07, 2021.

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