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ReDriven has partnered with Driva, to bring you the best loans on your next car. Select from over 30 lenders and get pre-approved in just minutes.

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Driva can match your profile to the best pre-qualified rates. You have the freedom to choose whatever lender you prefer, plus, you can get a full breakdown so you can see EXACTLY where your money is going.



Your online application is reviewed against more than 1,000 lender policies before we share it with a lender. Best of all, there’s ZERO impact to your credit score.




Review the final loan documents and get the funds in as little as 24 hours.

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Have a question? Check out some of the common questions about Driva.

What is Driva?

Driva’s mission is to help you navigate existing lenders in the market and obtain finance for new or used vehicles.


There’s already so many finance lenders out there, Driva thought adding another name to the list wouldn’t help. This means they don’t have any incentive to steer you down the wrong path.


Driva take the hard work out of the online car loan application process from start to finish providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Driva is 100% transparent, so there are no hidden surprises and provide you with personalised rates based on your profile. This means no last minute rate changes just before you sign the contract, so you can get the best deal possible for your dream car.


Which lenders do you work with?

Driva works with over 30 different car loan lenders to give you confidence that the auto financing options you’re seeing are a good fit for the vehicle you’re thinking about and your personal situation.


Not all car loan lenders were born equal, which means some have slower response times, bigger fees, worse support functions and higher rates than others, and they all have different lending criteria. But we’ve hand-picked those that we work with to support our vision of a seamless customer experience, an effortless online finance application process and the lowest rates.


How long does the process take?

Getting an online finance quote only takes just a few minutes and the entire process (from approval to your chosen seller receiving funds in their account for the car purchase) can be done as quickly as within 24 hours. That said, actual turnaround times will vary fairly significantly depending on your chosen lender as they each have their own unique lending criteria.


Driva’s short and simple online application only takes 2 minutes to fill out, and you can see your car loan options from within your Driva Dashboard instantly, you can get started and apply online now.


What is a comparison rate?

Once you’ve determined how much to spend on a car and if it’s worth getting a vehicle loan it’s time to start shopping around for finance, you can use comparison rates to help work out the true cost of a loan. This is because it accounts for all of the fees and charges a lender is paid for originating car loans.


Driva clearly specifies the comparison rate of every quote we provide to you so you can quickly see which car loans will cost you less. Driva’s tip is to rely on either the comparison rate or monthly repayment figure instead of the quoted annual percentage rate or interest rate, as these can be very misleading!


Does my credit score impact my rates?

When lenders are assessing and pricing your loan, one of the key factors they’ll often consider is your credit score. If you’ve got a reasonably high credit score, you’ll be eligible for a lower interest rate – and if you don’t have the best score, you’ll likely end up paying a higher rate.


Your credit score isn’t always the most important factor though. Some lenders will pay more attention to personal details like your income and living situation or the loan amount you’re looking for. Driva works with more than 30 lenders to ensure that you have the best chance of finding a finance option that works for you.


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